Find a happy medium between keeping your canine friends happy and not having to constantly worry about lawn maintenance and similar lawn care obligations that can take a toll on your budget with K9Grass® from ForeverLawn Northern Ohio. It’s a type of high-quality synthetic pet grass ideal for any residential, public, or commercial areas in Sandusky, OH, where dogs typically play, rest, and wander.

What Is K9Grass?

K9Grass is a uniquely designed and highly beneficial artificial turf for dogs product we offer. This type of turf is made with exclusive materials that include a knitted flow-through backing, which allows for better drainage and airflow. Added antimicrobial protection also gives K9Grass the ability to stand up well to canine bathroom habits.

Benefits of K9Grass

Whether you own dogs yourself or manage or run a facility or property often used by four-legged visitors, you’ll appreciate the many appealing benefits of K9Grass. Some of the top reasons to feel good about your decision to purchase this artificial grass for dogs from ForeverLawn Northern Ohio include:

  • It’s designed specifically for pets
  • No more mud!
  • It is constructed with antimicrobial properties, helping to eliminate odors 
  • It has a realistic look and feel
  • It leaves you with a clean, safe and reliable yard

Additionally, our K9 turf is easy to maintain once it’s installed. What’s more, you’ll enjoy extra savings from not having to worry about regular mowing and similar landscape needs.

How We Install K9Grass

ForeverLawn Northern Ohio is a full-service company in that we also install the products we offer in Sandusky, OH. The K9Grass installation usually starts with the identification of any underground utilities or obstructions. Weeds and any other materials that need to be removed are taken care of as well to prepare for installation.

The new artificial grass is then laid into place and properly set up. Our experienced crew also ensures there’s proper drainage and sufficient separation between existing natural surfaces and the new artificial turf. You’ll be left with beautiful, highly durable K9Grass in Sandusky, OH, that looks very much like natural grass.

Why Choose ForeverLawn Northern Ohio

ForeverLawn Northern Ohio is dedicated to bringing our clients sensible and affordable surfacing solutions. Our products work well in a wide range of locations, including dog parks, sports fields, and an assortment of residential and commercial spaces. We’ve been K9Grass dealers for 30-plus years and we’ve specialized in ForeverLawn artificial turf products for 13 years. Our customers can expect:

  • Exceptional customer care
  • Expert installation
  • Top-quality products that provide many years of use

Get In Touch with Our Team Today

Make a wise investment in your pet turf with K9Grass from ForeverLawn Northern Ohio. Regardless of the synthetic surface products you prefer or need, count on consistently reliable results from our local team. We’ll gladly get you started with a free quote. Contact our team today to learn more about our products.