Save time on maintenance while keeping your canine friends happy at the same time with synthetic turf from ForeverLawn Northern Ohio designed with man’s best friend in mind. K9Grass® makes for an excellent choice for pet facilities and dog parks as well as dog lovers wishing to keep their backyards looking great while still being inviting to their four-legged companions.

k9grass by foreverlawn

K9Grass® is the type of artificial grass that is ideal for grass-covered areas frequented or used regularly by dogs. Made with an exclusive type of flow-through backing, it is also designed to offer antimicrobial protection, which means a canine’s bathroom habits will not affect this synthetic product.

The Many Benefits of K9Grass®

Choose K9Grass® as your preferred artificial turf and you will surely benefit from synthetic grass that does not even need to be watered. In addition, it will look great year-round. It is also dog-friendly in the sense that it is durable and not going to be affected by typical animal bathroom behavior.

Appealing features of this type of synthetic grass include:

  • Antimicrobial protection
  • A realistic look, textures, and feel
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • Having a clean, more pleasant smelling yard

What’s more, you will be saving money on your water bill by investing in K9Grass® Synthetic Turf in Cleveland, OH, and Sandusky, OH, as well as Northern Ohio areas. Enjoy added savings from not having as many landscaping tasks on your to-do list on a regular basis. There is also the added perk of treating your dogs to a safe, comfortable spot they can enjoy.

How We Install K9Grass®

Synthetic turf installation involving K9Grass® or any other artificial grass product we offer typically starts with a check for any underground obstacles or utilities. Once these possible issues have been taken care of, the next step is to prepare the space. This typically involves removing weeds and other debris to get the exterior surface ready for your new artificial grass. The synthetic grass is then properly laid down and set up. Our skilled crew will also make sure that there is proper drainage and an appropriate separation between the artificial grass and your natural lawn.

ForeverLawn Northern Ohio is a dedicated synthetic turf supplier in. We are fully committed to bringing you top-notch surfacing solutions ideal for dog parks along with playground areas, residential and commercial grass-covered surfaces, athletic fields, and so much more! An exclusive ForeverLawn dealer, we have been in business for 30 years, with the last 13 years focused as ForeverLawn synthetic turf experts. As one of our valued customers, you will benefit from attentive, personalized service from the moment you contact us. We ensure your complete satisfaction in any product we provide and every service we conduct.

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