Dog lovers and their canine friends will absolutely enjoy the many perks provided by K9Grass®, the artificial grass for dogs available from ForeverLawn Northern Ohio. It’s an excellent surface option for pet facilities in Cleveland, OH, public places where pets regularly visit, and backyard spaces in residential homes where pet owners reside.

K9Grass in Cleveland, OH, is a type of synthetic pet grass designed with the habits and behaviors of dogs in mind. It’s ideal for any grass-covered areas frequently used by four-legged friends or visitors. K9Grass is made with an exclusive flow-through backing. In addition, it’s designed with canine bathroom habits in mind thanks to its antimicrobial properties. The result is synthetic grass that looks great while still being a safe place for dogs to play, rest, and roam.

The Main Benefits of K9Grass

Homeowners, park or playground managers, and anyone else in Cleveland with surface areas often used by dogs will appreciate K9Grass and the many benefits this artificial turf for dogs offers. For one thing, it never needs to be watered. This fact alone can add up to significant savings. It’s also extremely dog-friendly, meaning it won’t be affected by dogs’ bathroom habits or normal movements.

You’ll also be glad you invested in K9 turf thanks to additional benefits that include:

  • Impressive antimicrobial protection
  • A realistic and natural appearance
  • A realistic texture and feel
  • Minimal maintenance requirements

What’s more, you won’t have to worry about lingering odors from dogs’ bathroom behaviors. Instead, you’ll have a clean, pleasant-smelling pet grass that’s inviting year-round. Additionally, you’ll enjoy added savings from not having to worry about regular mowing and other landscaping tasks associated with real grass.

How We Install K9Grass

If you decide to invest in our product, we’ll take care of the entire K9Grass installation. This process typically involves checking for any underground utilities and removing weeds and any other obstructions from the surface. The synthetic grass is carefully laid and set once the surface has been properly prepared.

The experienced team at ForeverLawn Northern Ohio wraps up the installation process by ensuring that there’s proper drainage. Our crew will also make sure there’s sufficient separation between the pet turf and any remaining natural lawn surfaces.

Rely on ForeverLawn Northern Ohio

As one of the few exclusive K9Grass dealers, ForeverLawn Northern Ohio is fully committed to bringing you top-level surfacing solutions. The synthetic products we offer in Cleveland and nearby areas we serve are ideal for many residential and commercial settings. This is a list that includes dog parks, playgrounds, cozy or spacious backyards, and many other locations where beautiful, easy-to-maintain surface solutions tend to be appreciated. We’ve been proudly meeting and exceeding customer expectations for more than 30 years and specializing in ForeverLawn synthetic surface products for 13 years and counting.

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Whether you’re coming to us for K9Grass or any of the other top-quality products we offer, ForeverLawn Northern Ohio provides superior customer care at all times. We also provide exceptional, industry-leading products and expert, affordable installation. Call us or use our online form to schedule a consultation.