SportsGrass artificial turf ohio

Unmatched realism coupled with optimal performance is what you can expect from SportsGrass® courtesy of ForeverLawn Northern Ohio. Created with a multi-colored grass fiber system, it is a type of synthetic turf in Northern Ohio designed for use on athletic fields. Our seasoned team will help you enjoy the many benefits of top-quality synthetic turf perfect for sports enthusiasts or interior or exterior sports-based fields or facilities.

Understanding SportsGrass® Synthetic Turf

SportsGrass® is the preferred artificial grass because it is designed in a way that perfectly mimics the look and texture of the natural grass commonly found in athletic fields. It is also designed in a way that requires less infill, so it still assures you of optimal safety and performance.

We offer four options with SportsGrass® synthetic turf in Cleveland, OH, and Sandusky, OH, as well as other Northern Ohio areas we serve:

  • SportsGrass Revolution for added responsiveness and performance
  • All-weather SportsGrass Rush for open fields
  • SportsGrass Edge XP for high-use areas and indoor facilities
  • SportsGrass Arena for indoor fields and facilities

Advantages of SportsGrass® Synthetic Turf

SportsGrass® is a type of synthetic grass that offers many benefits. In addition to offering stunning realism with texture and look, this synthetic grass product has a thatch zone. This added feature is what is used to help lock the infill in, which then reduces issues with particle flyout.

SportsGrass® is also designed to have a shorter blade height, making it the best choice for gameplay, practice sessions, or any other sports-related activities. Among the other advantages that are associated with this well-crafted product available at ForeverLawn Northern Ohio include:

  • Micromechanical seaming for a denser, more durable synthetic surface
  • A premium 3-layer backing
  • Optimal resistance properties to maximize durability

With our approach to synthetic turf installation, your SportsGrass® will sure to be expertly installed, as this is made possible with the use of specialized equipment and surveyor transits. You will be left with a finished product that is ready to give you many years of use.

Why Choose ForeverLawn Northern Ohio

ForeverLawn Northern Ohio is an exclusive ForeverLawn dealer and a trusted synthetic turf supplier that’s been in business for 30 years, the last 13 of which focused as Foreverlawn synthetic turf experts. We are fully dedicated to offering our customers uniquely designed and beautifully realistic surfacing solutions.

We pride ourselves on providing superior synthetic turf products, expert installation, and excellent customer care. Our offerings include first-rate surfacing solutions for athletic fields, playgrounds, dog parks, various commercial and residential exteriors, and much more. We’re just as meticulous when it comes to the installation of synthetic turf products once you have determined which one is right for you.

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Whether you prefer SportsGrass® or another one of our equally appealing synthetic turf products, expect reliable and efficient results as well as top-notch artificial turf from ForeverLawn Northern Ohio. Reach out to us and we will get you started with a complimentary quote for your approval. Contact us today to learn more about our available options for: