Individualized Variety

We offer a wide variety of products to meet your individualized needs. With artificial grass from ForeverLawn, you don’t need to compromise on anything. Whether you’re an athlete, a landscape artist, or a pet owner, we’re here to help you make a lawn that matches your lifestyle. A personal, beautiful, natural-looking lawn is possible without any chemicals. Studies show that fertilizers harm humans, animals, and the planet, making alternative options – like artificial grass – better.

Avoid chemicals and fertilizers that are dangerous to you and your lawn with ForeverLawn artificial grass for your Parma, Ohio home or business. Enjoy a beautiful lawn that looks natural without the work of maintaining a fresh cut lawn.



  • ForeverLawn® Select Synthetic Grass is our general landscaping grass product. It looks beautiful and natural, impressing your neighbors and clients without harming them or the environment with chemical residue.
  • SplashGrass replaces the tough concrete that is usually used for pools and water play areas. The varied blade structure gives it a low-slip grip for excited feet running to the water.
  • PlayGround Grass makes the ground a soft surface for children. Its durable blades look natural and attractive – without any fertilizers that can harm children and adults alike.
  • SportsGrass is designed to have little infill so that it doesn’t fly into athletes’ eyes as they practice or perform. Less infill, zero chemicals, and better performance means ForeverLawn Artificial Grass has only good things to offer you!
  • K9Grass is safe and healthy for your pets. It includes antimicrobial protection to maintain a clean space for your pets. Its synthetic, flow-through backing design eliminates soggy corners.
  • ForeverLawn Fresh – First Cut Fringe, EZ Putt, True Putt, Pro Putt & Chip, and Pin Seeker make up our golfing greens line. Whether you want to create your own golfing oasis in your backyard or improve your resort’s golf course, we have the synthetic grass to meet your needs.
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ForeverLawn Artificial Grass In Parma, Ohio

Contact us for a free quote for your artificial grass products today. We’re excited to help you create the lawn of your dreams and throw away fertilizers forever!