At ForeverLawn Northern Ohio, our artificial grass products, available in Brunswick, Ohio, we have unique synthetic turf solutions to guarantee that you have the most efficient, safe, long-lasting and natural-looking artificial grass perfect for your landscape needs.

We offer roughly 20 unique artificial grass solutions:

  • K9Grass is designed to keep your pets clean and healthy. To do this, we’ve added antimicrobial protection and flow-through backing, making it the perfect artificial grass for your pets. Now your lawn can stay clean without any fleas or germs. It’s a soft surface with durable blades, creating a realistic turf that will make your property better to smell, see, and enjoy.

  • Playground Grass is one of our most unique products, it is available in a variety of colors, including Discovery, Academy, Extreme, and Ultra. Its durability has not been beaten. It also has special features that are specific to children and their safety; Detroit Testing Laboratories have certified our Playground Grass as surpassing the ASTM 1292 fall height requirements up to 13 feet. This means that our grass can help your children to avoid head injuries on the playground.

  • SplashGrass is designed to replace your concrete or deck nearby your pool or water play area. We’ve solved the problem of slippery, splintery surfaces with this low-slip surface and its soft texture. Water drains through its flow-through backing system, eliminating puddles. It includes antimicrobial protection against germs and bacteria that grow in wet environments.

  • SportsGrass solves everything that athletes don’t like about artificial turf. This low-maintenance grass has reduced infill, preventing it from flying into athletes’ eyes. The surface feels natural – not too hard or too soft, like other artificial athletic fields. The drainage system uses flow-through backing to guarantee that water drains quickly and easily, preventing puddles from gathering in your field. For more unique solutions, we have five kinds of grass for you to choose from: SportsGrass Max, Revolution, Arena, Rush, and Edge.

  • Our other artificial grasses that are tailored to active, outdoor lifestyles include our GolfGreens line (Pin Seeker, EZ Putt, Pro Putt & Chip, True Putt, and ForeverLawn Fresh – First Cut Fringe), and ForeverLawn® Select Synthetic Grass for landscaping.


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