If you’re new to the type of artificial grass offered by ForeverLawn Northern Ohio you may have some questions about us and our products and services. Let us present answers to some of the frequently asked questions about artificial grass.

Q: Why work with ForeverLawn Northern Ohio

A: For 13 years and counting, we’ve been a dependable artificial grass supplier. We’re an exclusive ForeverLawn dealer that believes in keeping our residential and commercial customers informed.

Q: Isn't all synthetic grass the same?

A: Not at all! We offer realistic options with synthetic grass with an assortment of special features specific to the intended purpose. We also use an advanced, unique seaming method to provide stronger seams and highly durable and eye-pleasing results.

Q: Is artificial grass pet-friendly?

A: Yes it is! Our K9Grass® is designed with pets in mind with Flow Through Backing™ and antimicrobial blades for odor control. It’s ideal for use in kennel areas or any places where dogs regularly roam.

Q: Will animal waste harm synthetic grass?

A: Urine drains through the knitted flow-through backing at a rate of 400 inches per hour. Solid waste can also be easily scooped up from K9Grass®, our product line that’s designed with animals in mind.

Q: Does artificial grass fade?

A: Over time, all synthetic grass will fade to some extent. That said, we treat our products with a UV inhibitor to minimize fading and UV degradation.

Q: Do you offer a warranty?

A: Yes we do! We offer a 15-year closed looped warranty registered to the customer for all of our synthetic turf selections.

Q: How do you price artificial grass products?

A: Per square foot is how we price our products. This can be figured out by multiplying the width of an area by its length.

Q: What's the cost for synthetic grass?

A: There is no definitive price because of the many factors that apply, such as the size of the space to be covered and the specific product selected. However, we will provide a free, accurate quote.

Q: Will water go through the grass?

A: Absolutely! Our artificial grass products are designed to allow water to flow through to a drainage base installed underneath.

Q: Will mold and mildew be an issue?

A: The drainage base installed below our artificial grass mitigates water/moisture issues. Mold and mildew problems are further minimized with geotextile fabric made from recycled materials and antimicrobial urethane foam.

Q: Does artificial grass get hot?

A: Synthetic grass isn’t as cool as natural grass. However, it doesn’t absorb radiant heat like asphalt and other solid surfaces.

Q: Is the rubber infill harmful to children or pets?

A: The rubber infill we use is non-toxic. This means it won’t harm children or pets if ingested.

Q: Is artificial grass fire-resistant?

A: It’s non-flammable, so it’s not likely to catch fire.

Q: How much will synthetic grass cut down on my water bill?

A: Approximately 75 percent of monthly water bills are related to outside use, so the potential for savings is significant.

Q: What if something spills on artificial turf, like paint?

A: Our synthetic products are made with nonabsorbent materials, which allows spills to be easily cleaned up. You’ll receive a care guide after you make a purchase.

Q: What about issues with insects?

A: There are no organic materials in artificial grass, so there’s nothing to attract insects. Even fire ants typically find it difficult to get through drainage holes, which act as an additional deterrent.

Our Brands and Locations

We’re committed to bringing anyone looking for top-quality artificial grass with superior surfacing solutions ideal for dog parks, playgrounds, sports fields, residential and commercial areas, and much more. Our featured brands and the locations we serve are detailed below.

  • ForeverLawn® Select Synthetic Grass: For impressive realism, consider this option with synthetic grass. This innovative product line offers a fine blade design and a tan thatch that further enhances texture and appearance.
  • K9Grass®: This is the type of artificial grass to choose when your exterior surfaces are regularly used by dogs. We highly recommend this for being an exclusive, antimicrobial, and knitted flow-through backing option.
  • Playground Grass™: We offer artificial grass for play areas that’s ASTM safety-rated and durable enough for kids to enjoy during various activities.
  • GolfGreens™: Designed for putting greens, this product line is sleek, smooth, and designed with optimal aesthetics and performance in mind.
  • SportsGrass®: Regardless of your sports fields or surfaces, a cost-effective way to minimize upkeep demands is with this tough, realistic-looking synthetic turf.
  • SplashGrass™: Go for fine-quality artificial grass products from this line if you need something soft and drainable for water play areas.

Areas we serve include Parma, Solon, Strongsville, Perrysburg, Elyria, Lorain, Brunswick, and other areas in Northern Ohio. We also welcome customers from Kentucky and Michigan.

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