There are certain advantages that only synthetic turf can offer. If you’re a property owner in Amherst, OH looking for a great alternative to real grass for your lawn, the ForeverLawn Northern Ohio team has just the product you’re after. We offer top-notch synthetic turf installation in Amherst, OH, and we are sure to give you your best lawn yet.

Advantages of ForeverLawn Northern Ohio

At ForeverLawn Northern Ohio, we bring you the best technology and lasting synthetic turf to create a functional space. Our team commits to providing convenient and affordable surfacing solutions for commercial and residential areas. Our several years of commitment as a reliable artificial grass supplier has garnered us the trust of many property owners in Amherst, OH.

ForeverLawn® Select Synthetic Grass

This product is perfect for commercial and residential landscaping. Synthetic grass takes on a natural grass appearance while being a long-lasting, non-decaying product. It has fine-bladed and lush synthetic turf features to make your home or commercial surface look amazing.


Besides having low maintenance requirements, our K9Grass doesn’t require watering. It is dog-friendly grass that will last you for years since typical animal behavior doesn’t affect it. Other appealing features of our K9Grass include antimicrobial protection, providing a clean yard and a realistic feel and look.

Playground Grass

Playground Grass is made with our revolutionary seaming system to make it durable, unlike natural grass that wears out because of rain and high traffic. Our artificial grass is ASTM safety-rated, making it an ideal surface for your kids to play on. Parents love that they can choose from four different varieties, including Extreme, Academy, Ultra, and Discovery.


This artificial turf from ForeverLawn Northern Ohio is perfect for country clubs, golf courses, and resorts. We provide four varieties of GolfGreens to choose from to suit the needs of our clients in Northern Ohio. We guarantee you top-quality grass and an attractive surface.


Our Sports Grass product feels and looks like natural grass, making it an ideal choice for sports fields. The product requires less infill and has a thatch zone. We have four varieties of SportsGrass, and all of them assure you of maximum safety and performance. Our team can advise on the best variety, depending on what you want to achieve with your athletic field.


SplashGrass from ForeverLawn Northern Ohio is the solution for home pools and water parks because it solves the challenges of natural grass in water areas. The grass is 100% drainable and easy to maintain. Reduce water costs by calling ForeverLawn Northern Ohio, a reliable synthetic turf supplier for installation.

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At ForeverLawn Northern Ohio, we are ready to offer top-grade synthetic turf products that cater to a wide range of yard preferences. 

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