Property owners in Avon, OH can now look forward to longer lasting lawns, because ForeverLawn Northern Ohio is here to offer high quality synthetic turf installation in Avon, OH. Our artificial turf products cater to a wide array of lawn needs, preferences, and requirements.


Advantages of ForeverLawn Northern Ohio

We are an artificial grass supplier in Norther, Ohio, serving residential and commercial clients. Having been in the synthetic turf business for 13 years, ForeverLawn Northern Ohio provides excellent customer service and offers superior products. We are an exclusive Forever Lawn dealer in Northern Ohio, committed to providing excellent customer care and reliable expert advice.


Foreverlawn® Select Synthetic Grass

If you struggle with dry and patchy lawn, you may want to consider our Foreverlawn® for a healthy and evenly hued lawn. We provide this artificial grass in four varieties so that you can choose the one that suits your needs. The product, like many of our synthetic turf products, has a blade pattern, lush material, and functions like natural grass.



K9Grass is an artificial grass that’s perfect for pet facilities and dog parks. If you are a pet owner looking to remodel your backyard into a beautiful and functional space for your pets, choose this synthetic grass option. You don’t need to water K9Grass, yet it will look great all year round.


Playground Grass

Parents will love our Playground Grass because it’s ASTM safety-rated and comes in different colors. When installing it, you can play around with the colors, and your kids will love playing on this grass. Being a reliable synthetic turf supplier, we have the expertise to create functional yet exciting patterns to make the playground unique.



If you want a durable artificial turf for your golf course, look no further than GolfGreens from ForeverLawn Northern Ohio. Northern Ohio residents can use GolfGreens for their backyards, resorts, and country clubs. The grass is well-manicured and attractive.



Besides giving you the look and texture of natural grass, our SportsGrass has shorter blade heights suitable for sports-related activities. We use a unique approach when installing SportsGrass to allow you to use specialized equipment. This type of artificial grass can be used for indoor facilities and fields.



Are you struggling with pool decks or concrete surfaces in your home pool or water park? SplashGrass from ForeverLawn Northern Ohio is completely drainable and safe for a play surface. It does not leave unwanted puddles and provides a low-slip surface.


Why Choose Us for Artificial and Synthetic Turf and Installations


  • Expert installations
  • Honest and quality customer service
  • High-quality synthetic turf products
  • Uniquely appealing products


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