Are you ready to invest in synthetic grass or artificial turf? If so, look no further than ForeverLawn Northern Ohio for your synthetic grass and turf needs. We are pleased to be an exclusive ForeverLawn dealer with over 30 years of experience in offering first-rate solutions for anyone wanting the look of real grass without the drawbacks. For the last 13 years, we have focused on being Foreverlawn synthetic turf experts.

Artificial Grass and Synthetic Turf

There are many ways to appreciate and use artificial grass and synthetic turf products in Sandusky, OH. As for what products of this nature are, they are designed to realistically mimic the look and texture of natural grass or grass-based turf. The synthetic products we offer are meant for use on exterior spaces that prioritize toughness.

On the other hand, artificial grass can be used on outdoor or indoor surfaces that require long-lasting beauty above everything else. This is how versatile and adaptable today’s artificial grass and synthetic turf products are, which is what we specialize in here at ForeverLawn Northern Ohio.


Our Top-Quality Brands and Products

From the initial selection process to expert synthetic turf installation, we have all your artificial surface needs covered in Sandusky, OH. Whether it is durability or timeless looks that you prioritize, be sure to consult our team. We will be sure to address your needs and answer your questions so that you can make a well-informed decision.

As the top synthetic turf and artificial grass supplier, ForeverLawn Northern Ohio offers:


  • ForeverLawn® Select Synthetic Grass: Available in four varieties, artificial grass selections from this product line have a fine blade pattern coupled with beautifully textured, lush materials.


  • K9Grass®: Exclusive flow-through backing and antimicrobial protection are among the top features that make this synthetic turf product line perfect for any commercial, publicly accessible, or residential space frequently used by dogs.


  • Playground Grass™: ADA-compliant and ASTM safety-rated, this product has a long-lasting surface that makes it durable enough for kids’ play areas in a way that still keeps safety in mind.


  • GolfGreens™: With this synthetic putting turf, we offer five options, all of which allow for consistent putting in every direction on both residential and commercial surfaces.


  • SportsGrass®: A premium, 3-layer backing and a shorter blade height are just some of the many appealing qualities associated with these synthetic athletic/sport turf selections.


  • SplashGrass™: Make water play and pool areas safer and more comfortable by exploring our completely drainable SplashGrass product line because of an exclusive flow-through backing system.


The ForeverLawn Northern Ohio Difference

We are a synthetic turf supplier fully committed to providing our customers in Sandusky, OH, the ideal surfacing solutions for dog parks, playgrounds, athletic fields, residential and commercial surfaces, and so much more. Our customers also benefit from expert installation options, excellent customer care, as well as superior turf that offers long-term value and beauty.


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