Maintaining a yard takes a lot of work. Weeding, mowing, fertilizing, whacking, trimming – the process can be so exhausting that it puts a damper on the beautiful Spring, Summer and Fall seasons. Instead of worrying about your lawn, install low maintenance, premium artificial grass from ForeverLawn Northern Ohio.

With artificial grass you can take the time and effort that you typically spend on lawn maintenance and spend it with your friends and family instead. Simplify your life and enjoy it more when you no longer need a lawn mower, weed whacker, fertilizer, or other tools.

We have a variety of artificial grass products to meet your exact needs and uniquely suited to your lifestyle. Our engineers have designed products with individual features just for you:

  • Kid Friendly: We created Playground Grass to help playgrounds become a safer place. This artificial grass has ASTM 1292 safety certification, giving you a peace of mind about your children’s safety.
  • Pet Friendly: Pets are like family. This is why we’ve created K9Grass with flow-through backing and antimicrobial protection, helping your pets stay clean, healthy, happy, and safe.
  • For the Athlete: Other artificial grass has infill flyout and an unnatural feeling that is either too soft or too hard. Our SportsGrass solves these problems with reduced infill, natural texture, and professional quality.
  • For Avid Golfers: Our professional quality golfing line can be installed in your backyard or at your golf resort. Our tournament, leisure, and golfing greens include Pro Putt & Chip, Pin Seeker, True Putt, EZ Putt, and ForeverLawn Fresh – First Fringe Cut.
  • If You Swim: Swimming should be enjoyable, without the fear of splintery decks, painful gravel, hard concrete, or soggy grass. Our SplashGrass has varied blade structure for a low-slip surface and natural feeling.
  • If You Like Landscaping: Artificial grass doesn’t need to look fake. Our DuPont™ ForeverLawn® Select Synthetic Grass has resilient, fine blades that look natural. Its tan thatch makes it our most realistic grass yet.

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