Treat yourself to reliable synthetic turf courtesy of ForeverLawn Northern Ohio. We’re an exclusive ForeverLawn dealer that has been in business for 30 years and counting, with the last 13 focused on being ForeverLawn synthetic turf experts. You can be sure that each product is designed with long-term value, beauty, and function in mind. 

Synthetic as well as artificial grass can easily be mistaken for natural grass because of its realistic look and texture. The products we offer have unique characteristics and features that allow for proper drainage and protection from the elements, pests, germs, moisture, and odors. Synthetic turf is renowned for its toughness, making it the perfect choice when it comes to stadiums and other sports venues.

Synthetic Brands We Offer

When you are in need of synthetic turf in Cleveland, OH, we offer a wide range of top-quality products and brands for many different uses and preferences. Our selection includes:

  • K9Grass® – Thanks to exclusive, antimicrobial, and knitted flow-through backing, this synthetic turf selection is perfect for kennels, dog parks, spacious backyards, and other places where dogs typically frolic, wander, play, and relax. It also stays germ- and flea-free!
  • Playground Grass™ – ADA compliant and backed by our 15-year warranty, this option for synthetic turf is designed for use in spots where kids play. And because of limited, locked-in infill and antimicrobial properties, this turf will stay clean and free of mold, mildew, and bacteria.
  • GolfGreens™ – Available in five varieties, this synthetic turf is made with putting in mind. It’s designed in a way that allows for optimal putting at country clubs, resorts, golf facilities, residential homes, and wherever golf enthusiasts prefer.
  • SportsGrass® – Increased density and durability are what you can expect with SportsGrass. A shorter blade height, micromechanical seaming, and a multi-colored grass fiber system are among the features associated with this synthetic grass.
  • SplashGrass™ – In water play and pool areas, concrete can be too hard and natural grass can get too soggy. The solution is SplashGrass, a product we offer that comes with a drainage system that makes it suitable for regular exposure to water.

Why Choose Synthetic Turf

It’s estimated there are more than 5,000 synthetic turf fields in the United States. This doesn’t even take into account the growing number of residential properties where artificial grass is being used. One of the many perks of synthetic grass is that it requires fewer resources and maintenance than what’s common with natural grass.

Some of the additional benefits associated with synthetic turf products, include:

  1. Reduced water usage and lower water bills
  2. High durability, especially for frequently used surfaces
  3. Minimized use of potentially harmful pesticides and fertilizers
  4. Year-round beauty
  5. Consistent coloration and texture

ForeverLawn Northern Ohio is dedicated to bringing both residential and commercial property owners surfacing solutions for everything from playgrounds and dog parks to athletic fields and residential and commercial areas – and much more! We also provide superior synthetic turf installation, coupled with exceptional customer care.

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