Flats East Bank Rooftop Courtyard Is Complete!

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About the Project:

Some major changes are being made to downtown Cleveland, Ohio, particularly in the historical East Bank area. The goal of the entire project is to create a feeling of community and to restore buildings that are rich with Ohio’s history. ForeverLawn played an interesting role in the Flats East Bank building project by creating a meditative courtyard on the third floor rooftop of the residential building. The courtyard is now complete, and its more beautiful than we could have imagined!  


Cleveland, Ohio

Project Type:

ForeverLawn® Select LX

The Flats East Bank building, with a total of 240 apartment units that are all rented out, is one of many historical buildings being restored in downtown Cleveland. Along with The Fairmont Creamery and The Shoreway, Flats East Bank has been transformed into a trendy, modern, and polished apartment building with almost every amenity you can think of. While the design is very industrial, these apartment units will wow almost anyone with their top-of-the-line finishes such as stainless steel, concrete, granite, and marble.

ForeverLawn Northern Ohio has played a big role into transforming the Flats East Bank building into a livable space for the residents. On the roof of the third floor is an expansive courtyard created with ForeverLawn artificial grass, particularly ForeverLawn® Select LX, which is known for its realistic and natural appearance. The courtyard is now completed and ready for the residents to start enjoying the space.

The courtyard is centered around a large meditation logo made with ForeverLawn artificial turf. The idea is that residents can visit the courtyard to escape their hectic lives and just sit and meditate while enjoying the gorgeous view of the city. The space is also equipped with barbecue grills for residents to grill on and enjoy a nice evening outside once summer rolls back around. We are thrilled with how the project turned out and anxious for residents to begin enjoying the space!