splashgrass by foreverlawn of northern ohioConcrete and natural grass in a waterpark or near a pool can cause a lot of problems. Natural grass gets muddy and packed down, and concrete becomes slippery when wet. SplashGrass is the perfect solution for a small scale project like a home pool, or for a bigger project like a water park or public pool. It provides a soft, low-slip surface that’s a great alternative to decks or concrete. With our exclusive flow-through backing system, water drains quickly and doesn’t create unwanted puddles. Plus, with our antimicrobial protection, SplashGrass is a cleaner option for all the children running around. SplashGrass adds visual interest to your hardscape, while simultaneously cutting down maintenance and water costs.

SplashGrass is:

  • 100% drainable

  • Safe to use as a play surface

  • Easy to maintain

  • A unique outdoor environment alternative to concrete or pool decks

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