Why Pet Owners Love K9Grass®

Why Pet Owners Love K9Grass®

A synthetic lawn provides many advantages that real grass simply cannot offer. The problem is that while many of the synthetic turf products in the market do offer real benefits, they don’t keep pets and pet owners in mind. At ForeverLawn Northern Ohio, we know that your pets are important to you. This is why we’re proud to offer our line of K9Grass®. 

K9Grass® is the perfect choice for your synthetic turf in Cleveland, OH, and here’s why. 

It’s Clean and Anti-Microbial

Some artificial turf products are designed in such a way that fails to consider pet owners. The waste will soil the grass and give harmful bacteria an environment where they can fester. Our K9-geared grass is made from specially designed anti-microbial material, so your pet’s environment will stay clean and free from disease-carrying bacteria. As long as the yard is regularly cleaned of waste when you use our K9 grass, your lawn will stay clean and smell fresh.

Realistic Texture

As a leading synthetic turf supplier, we take pride in our synthetic turf products that are designed not just to look but also to feel like real grass. Your pet won’t be able to tell the difference. It’s also more durable than grass and can withstand the typical digging and pawing that pets are known to do, making it harder for your fur friends to rip it to shreds.

Hardly Any Maintenance Is Required

After your synthetic turf installation, there’s hardly anything to worry about. No mowing or watering is needed, and you don’t need to spray chemicals to prevent or eliminate weeds. Aside from picking up after your pet, we recommend rinsing the grass about once a month to keep it clean and looking fresh. Every now and then you can have a professional come out and maintain it as well.

Need synthetic turf that you and your pets will love? ForeverLawn Northern Ohio has a wide range of synthetic lawn products, all designed with the specific needs of our customers in mind. Our line of pet-friendly artificial lawn products is sure to please both you and your pet. Give us a call today if you’re interested in learning more.