Savings and Other Benefits- All About Artificial Turf

Savings and Other Benefits: All About Artificial Turf

Considering artificial turf? At ForeverLawn Northern Ohio, making this decision will actually be a smart, long-term investment when compared to natural grass. Let us help you go over the benefits and savings associated with synthetic grass to give you a clear answer to this question.

Initial Installation

Artificial or synthetic turf will be more of an initial investment than what’s typical with natural grass or sod. However, you won’t have to worry about any added irrigation costs with synthetic grass since ForeverLawn products offer superior drainage.

Ongoing Maintenance and Upkeep

You’ll really notice the savings with synthetic turf products when we look at ongoing maintenance and upkeep costs. With natural grass, monthly and yearly maintenance expenses typically include costs related to mowing, edging, and related cleanup. You will also need to consider lawn care products – e.g., pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers. Watering can be another expense

With artificial turf, however, you won’t have to worry about any of the above costs. Even costs associated with optimal annual maintenance are lower with synthetic grass. The significant savings with maintenance is even more noticeable when you look at averages over a 12-year period. Based on 1500 sq. ft., total savings during this period with artificial turf easily gets in the five-figure range!

Overall Ownership Cost and Other Perks

When looking at the total cost of ownership, also based on 1500 sq. ft, artificial turf can easily save you over a hundred dollars each month. Over a 12-year period, the total cost of ownership for natural grass is almost twice as much as what’s typical with artificial turf.

ForeverLawn’s artificial turf selections also have these 5 great features:

  1. Realistic, natural appearance
  2. Impressive durability
  3. Minimal weed issues
  4. Year-round beauty and accessibility
  5. No issues with “summer burnout,” brown spots, or mud

Make a Smart, Long-Term Investment Today

ForeverLawn Northern Ohio is your trusted synthetic turf supplier. Our top-quality artificial turf solutions are ideal for many different lawn uses, from pet-friendly synthetic grass to artificial grass that’s perfect for playgrounds or sports-related activities.

Contact us today to ask about synthetic turf installation in Northern Ohio or any of our products and services.