Advantages of Playground Grass™ Products

Advantages of Playground Grass™ Products

Due to a synthetic composition that resembles real turf, the Playground Grass™ from ForeverLawn Northern Ohio, not only presents a natural-looking and versatile application but also an advantageous option for artificial grass in Cleveland, OH for residences, businesses, athletic installations, dog parks, and playgrounds.

What’s Artificial Grass?

First used in the 1960s for sporting events, synthetic grass is made up of manufactured fibers that have the overall aspect of actual grass. Since then, technological advances have made artificial grass even more realistic and multi-purpose than ever. Artificial grass:

  • Lasts throughout the year
  • Saves landscaping costs
  • Requires less maintenance
  • Needs no lawn chemicals or fertilizers

The Benefits of Playground Grass

Playground Grass™ artificial grass products provide the type of surface that play areas should have. It’s designed for a high level of safety. It adds to visual appeal as its colors can be customized. On top of all that, its new yarn, blade structure, and unique seam system give the product a high level of resiliency.

Playground Grass is:

  • Safe – our product is Detroit Testing Laboratories-certified as meeting requirements for fall heights as much as 13 feet, exceeding Head Injury Criterion by 63 percent per ASTM 1292.
  • Clean – Not only does our range of Playground Grass products offer the maximum in safety and sanitation through AlphaSan antimicrobial manufacturing, but built-in drainage also keeps the turf clear of water.
  • Accessible – Low pile height makes a Playground Grass synthetic grass installation accessible even for wheelchairs, and XStatic antistatic manufacturing keeps hearing aids and cochlear implants safe from static buildup.

Types of Turf

Playground Grass offers a series of solutions for varied applications:

  • Academy – This leading surfacing solution offers high durability, extra safety and the maximum in realism with a natural tan thatch and tall XP blades.
  • Discovery – This dense and short product with soft fibers and no infill is suitable for small children in indoor environments.
  • Extreme – This product maintains a high level of durability and a realistic appearance through both curled and straight blades that enhance safety by holding onto infill.
  • Ultra – Textured polyethylene blades and nylon thatch increase safety and fullness, and each blade incorporates both the XStatic and AlphaSan technologies.

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