The Top Benefits of K9Grass

The Top Benefits of K9Grass®

Do you love your pets, but hate the mess that comes after they play in the yard? If so, artificial turf will prove to be one of your best investments. At ForeverLawn Northern Ohio, we highly recommend K9Grass®. Let’s take a closer look at the key benefits of K9Grass®.

Pests Will Be Less of An Issue

Pests can make life a lot less enjoyable for your fur babies. During the warmer months, ticks and fleas tend to be especially problematic. These blood-sucking parasites can definitely cause health issues. If you want to create a healthier environment for you and your pets, consider upgrading to synthetic turf installation. K9Grass® eliminates food for bugs, which gives your property an extra level of protection.

Easy Cleaning

When pets use your lawn as a bathroom, the acidic content of their urine can kill the grass. Since pets tend to favor particular areas, you’ll likely encounter a few bald spots in your yard. After getting synthetic turf in Cleveland, OH, homeowners have less to worry about. Any stains can be easily cleaned using regular basic soap and water. 

Pet’s Won’t Know the Difference

Synthetic turf products look and feel just like the real thing. This means your pets won’t notice a difference. The softness of K9Grass® makes it the perfect alternative to natural grass.

Low Maintenance

Maintaining a lush, green lawn often takes a lot of work. Aside from needing to mow the grass regularly, you also have to apply pesticides and fertilizers. Keeping in mind that lawn care services can be quite expensive. If you want to save money and avoid extra maintenance, contact a synthetic turf supplier. The low-maintenance aspect doesn’t just apply to the grass, either.

With K9Grass, your pets won’t get dirty as easily, or at least as much. This means you won’t have to clean them up as often.

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