The Main Advantages of Pet Grass Over Real Grass

The Main Advantages of Pet Grass Over Real Grass

If you have pets, you may have heard that letting them play in the yard is one of the best forms of recreation for them. However, it becomes a tedious undertaking when you have to maintain the grass every time your fur babies come out to frolick. Fortunately, ForeverLawn Northern Ohio offers K9 grass in Sandusky, OH.  

If you’re wondering whether getting artificial grass for dogs and other pets will be the perfect choice for you, we’ve listed the main advantages that pet grass has over real grass.

Same Look and Feel

Pet turf feels and looks exactly like natural grass. The only difference is that the synthetic turf maintains the green color throughout the year. As such, you don’t have to worry about the dry and sad-looking grass even long after spring ends. 

Why go to the dog park when you’ve got the perfect turf right in your backyard? With the K9 turf, you are assured of a lusht-looking yard all year round. 

Odor Control

If you’re still letting your pets do their business on your lawn, it’s time to reconsider and put a stop to all that. Since pet grass is synthetic and made of materials such as non-absorbent polyethylene and nylon fibers, stinky odors that come from urine or pet waste will not stick to the turf. As a result, the odors are reduced and even eliminated completely.

While synthetic grass will generally keep the unpleasant pet smells at bay, K9 grass dealers such as our team still recommend that you clean your K9 turf every week by hosing it down so that the waste does not stay on the lawn.

Will Remain Pest-Free

Regular grass is a home for bacteria and other harmful microorganisms such as pests. The best pest-free alternative is to get a K9 grass installation.

Easy Care and Maintenance

Already got your hands full taking care of your pets? Low-maintenance Artificial turf for dogs will give you one less thing to worry about. 

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