Myths About Playground Grass

Myths About Playground Grass

ForeverLawn Northern Ohio is one of the leading suppliers of Playground Grass™ and other types of synthetic turf in Cleveland, OH. We’ve worked with countless clients on numerous successful projects, a testament to the quality and marketability of synthetic turf.

In our years being one of the most trusted synthetic turf suppliers, we still come across several myths regarding artificial turf that make it difficult for a number of property owners to finally make the switch. Read on as we shed light on some of the most prevalent  misconceptions regarding artificial turf. 

Myth 1: The Grass and Infill Are Toxic

Our synthetic turf products are made from non-toxic ingredients, with most of the materials being recycled from the environment. Some people have also expressed concern over the use of crumb rubber as an infill, terming them as dangerous. However, clients can now find alternative infills such as sand or crushed shells which are considered safer and are made from natural materials.

Myth 2: It Limits Your Landscape Design Options

Another popular myth is that synthetic turf installation limits your landscape options. Some people are under the assumption that you can’t plant trees and bushes once you install artificial grass. However, synthetic grass is a good choice for a sustainable and environmentally friendly landscape. This is because with synthetic grass, you can save on water bills since they don’t need to be watered; only hosed down every week or so. Playground Grass, for instance, comes in many different colors.

You are also able to reduce the amount of chemicals used to care for grass since there’s no need for pesticides and weed killers.

Myth 3: It is Unsafe for Kids and Pets

We’ve previously mentioned that synthetic turf is made from non-toxic materials, which is a great feature especially if there are kids and pets around. Moreover, you can find synthetic turf products that are designed to minimize fall impact, reducing the likelihood of injuries among kids.

Playground Grass is certified by Detroit Testing Laboratories to meet and exceed the ASTM 1292 fall height requirements for up to 13 feet. Coming in four varieties, the revolutionary seaming system is what makes it so durable. You may expect grass that endure high traffic and rain to age significantly, but rest assured that Playground Grass will have its great appearance for years.

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