Features of SplashGrass™

Features of SplashGrass™

Whenever you invest in artificial grass, you want high-quality realistic grass that will last for years to come. A well-designed artificial grass landscape becomes the envy of many. It remains lush, even, and greener throughout the year without much maintenance needed by its natural counterpart. Synthetic grass installation offers pristine appearances and simplified looks. Our team of experts here at ForeverLawn Northern Ohio highlights the significant features of SplashGrass™.

  1. SplashGrass Drains Liquid Efficiently

Our high-quality synthetic grass installation comes with a knitted flow-through backing system for effective and efficient drainage. It moves liquids from the turf down through the stone base. This concept helps free your surface of excess water and maintain a mud-free environment.

  1. Low-Maintenance

Weeds are very destructive as they suck nutrients from nearby grass and other plants. Your yard often loses its lush features once unwanted plants invade its space. Our artificial grass products help to mitigate weed annoyances. We plant the backing firmly onto the sub-base, making sure that no weeds can sneak in or sprout.

  1. Great Alternative to Decks and Concrete

Not all synthetic grass assimilates well with the natural grass in the yard. Some look odd due to their blatantly synthetic color or make. However, our high-quality artificial grass closely mimics what’s common in your neighborhood, so you don’t need to worry about having a yard that’s inelegantly different from your neighbors’.

  1. Provides a Safer Play Area Surface

Your residential yard is subjected to weather conditions and foot traffic that creates unkempt patches, divots, and chipped grass. In contrast, a high-quality artificial yard retains its beautiful grass design and even structure even after heavy use. Our artificial grass supplier can help you ensure you have no qualms about playing sports, hosting parties, and placing heavy equipment.

For innovative artificial grass in Sandusky, OH, call ForeverLawn Northern Ohio today. Our skilled and experienced professionals can develop manicured, customized landscapes for your home at affordable rates. You can rest assured you’ll get the best outdoor space designs in Sandusky, OH, and surrounding areas. Contact us to book your appointment.