Artificial Grass Installation: What to Expect

Artificial Grass Installation: What to Expect

The contract is signed and now you are anxious for your artificial grass supplier to install your grass. You are probably curious about the process and have many questions running through your mind. While each installation is unique, there are some general practices that apply to every installation. It can be helpful to have some knowledge about the process before the crew arrives.


Preparation is a key step when installing artificial grass in Cleveland, OH. During this phase, the top ground layer will be removed. The remaining ground will then be treated and prepared to establish a solid base. Any electrical or plumbing lines will also be identified. Materials such as a bender board will be used to provide separation between other landscaping features. The new base will allow for drainage and be compacted to make it strong enough to support the artificial turf. Lastly, a weed layer will be installed.

Installing the Grass

Now that the ground has been prepared, the synthetic grass installation can begin. The grass will be laid out to cover the entire area. This typically requires some custom measuring and cutting for a seamless installation. Special nails are used to secure the grass.

Infill Application

To help keep the synthetic grass blades standing up, an infill is applied. This material also makes the grass heavier to prevent movement.

Power Brushing

Power brushing is the final step in the artificial grass products installation process. Its purpose is to remove any debris and improve infill distribution. The goal is to make the grass look its best. This is sometimes called grooming the grass.

While the steps for each installation may vary slightly, you can expect to see the general steps above. The length of time will vary based on a variety of factors such as the size of the area and the condition of the ground.

ForeverLawn Northern Ohio will make sure that you are well-informed about how we will install your artificial grass, as well as the best practices for its maintenance. Contact us today to schedule your synthetic turf installation in Northern Ohio!